Genealogy Resources

We are so fortunate to be researching our families during a time of the internet. I especially appreciate the ability to connect with various communities of researchers on social media. These communities can be a great place get tips on research, to ask for help in understanding a piece of information to recently acquired, or simply a place to ask other researchers for suggestions on how to break through your brick walls — the wall that we confront we we are stuck in our journey of researching a particular person (or persons) in our tree.

The internet, however, isn’t the only place to find the answers to our questions. I have found myself conducting research in libraries, state archives, and many other places. In this section, I will share the resources that have been helpful to me and I hope it can assist you in conducting your research. I will keep it updated with new information that I find.

Please return to this page for updates on books, my favorite blogs, social media sites, etc.