My Family Surnames & Research Area(s)

Maternal Grandparents
My maternal grandparents

It’s been about a decade now, since I first started researching my family’s history and I have enjoyed the process.

Below you will find the surnames I am researching, and the locations my ancestors lived. I am always interested in hearing from anyone who thinks we may have a connection, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you think we may be related.

Mother’s Family

Maternal: Adams, Allen, Butler, Kittle (St. Mary’s County, MD; Charles County, MD; and Prince George’s County, MD).

Paternal: Bean, Smith (Baltimore, MD; St. Mary’s County, MD).

Paternal Grandparents (early years)
My paternal grandparents

Father’s Family

Maternal: Baker, Cooke (Gloucester County, VA; Middlesex County, VA; Baltimore, MD)

Paternal: Redding (Baltimore, MD; Cecil County, MD; Somerset County, MD)